Monday, October 13, 2008

In Bruges. Literally!

So, this is my second night in Bruges after arriving last night from Amsterdam. I should say that Amsterdam was a lot of fun and I even got to perform improv at Boom Chicago with my friend James Kirkland. It was great! But now, I am in Bruges and nursing a slight cold that has rendered me a little weak. I walked around today, went up to the belfry to get a great view of the place. Had some cherry beer and am drinking a Hoegaarden now. Had a terrible nights sleeop at the Charlie Rocket Hostel. Don't ever stay there. I am at Snuffels right now, about to do my laundry, drink some more Belgian beer and take a little nap before I walk around and drink more beer and maybe eat a pizza or try some french fries. Ah, after this, it's a ferry to Dover and then I could either go north to Scotland, or up into London. We'll see what happens.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Berlin Now

I am staying in the Helter Skelter hostel and I can tell you, it lives up to the name. Rock music so loud it is shaking the beer on this small computer terminal. Oh man, I had 6 great days in Prague and believe it or not, only went into the city, 2 out of the 6 days. The rest were filled on the outskirts in Radotin and Tocnik. Went horseback riding, played Johnny Cash on the guitar for a Czech who was a big fan of old American country/western singers. Had a great time with my old pal Andy and his wife Jana and their 5 year old son Alfie. I will post pics of Prague and of Berlin where I will be for at least 2 nights before I head to either Hamburg or Amsterdam. Prost!