Thursday, February 27, 2014

Delhi to Jaipur

What can be said of Delhi that hasn't already been said? It's busy, it's buzzy, and it has every scent and texture on earth. The city motto should be the sound of a horn because it's everywhere. No matter if you're on a promenade, a street, an alley or even a sidewalk. Someone is always right behind you. In a city of 22 million people, it makes sense, but for a kid who grew up in a small town in Hawaii, it's a little staggering. I had some communication issues getting in touch with the teacher under the bridge Rajesh Sharma, but the hotel concierge helped me out and I'm on my way to meet him and see his school under the overpass of a highway. I know I'll be back in Delhi in a few weeks so this'll give me a chance to find out what kind of supplies he might need and we can go out shopping for them. I also  am very aware that my presence might be seen as a foreigner trying to meddle into his practice and I'm treading lightly so as not to offend and think I can solve all of these problems in a day.  I'm hoping to offer my self and services in any way I can and perhaps play a little music on the ukulele for them too! Okay, I'm off!

Monday, February 24, 2014

India: A beginners journey

  In about 10 hours, I'll be on plane to India. Well, technically I'll be making a stop over in London for a few hours, but Delhi is the final destination. The above photo is all that I'm taking with me to last me for an entire month and it all fits in that backpack. Take a good look, most of it is not coming back. There's crayons, toy animals, glow sticks, disposable cleaning wipes, rubber gloves, hospital masks, two first aid kits, Clif Bars, soaps, pens. I also got some fun stuff in there too. A ukulele, kazoo, harmonica, a mini frisbee that lights up, a GoPro camera, a book on Paramahansa Yogananda. Those I plan on keeping!
  I've been asked many times, why India, why now? Well, there's more than one reason and not all of them are easy to explain. A big reason is that I love adventure and I love to travel.  I wanted to go to a place where I don't easily blend in to my surroundings. I'm also going because I love to volunteer and there I'll be offering my help in a hospital in Kolkata, an orphanage in Varanasi and a 'school' in Delhi. I'm sure while I'm there that I'll find other places to offer myself. I'm very grateful for the outpouring of love and support from so many of my friends and family. Many of you reading this have donated to a fund that I will then use to further help those in need. I thank you for that and I'm humbled you've given so much trust (and $) in me to see your donations through. I guess in a way, although you can't see it in the photo, you're also there. I'll be taking all of you with me on this journey and this blog is just one small way for me to invite you along for the ride. Shall we begin?